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Why touch screen can respond to people's touch?

The touch screen is another innovation of computer input technology, as long as with your fingers gently point above the can complete "input" and "call the shots, very convenient.
Touch points on the touch screen are corresponding to a function switch". Finger touch to this switch area, the corresponding "functional program" will be immediately launched, the implementation of a series of preset commands. Touch screen technology is the key to measure the exact position of the touch point (i.e. coordinates), with the "surface acoustic wave touch screen" as an example, it is equipped with a horizontal direction and vertical direction of ultrasonic transmitter in the upper left and lower right corner, and the upper right corner is equipped with two corresponding ultrasonic receiver.
During the touch screen, the ultrasonic transmitter is always emitting ultrasonic wave. When people touch the screen, the fingers stop and absorb some of the ultrasonic waves, so that their energy is attenuated. At this time, the ultrasonic receiver can calculate the coordinates of the finger, so as to get the exact position of the finger and make a response.
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