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Biography IDT developed the world's first single multi touch projection capacitive touch screen technology

Beijing time November 10th news, China touch screen, IDT single point touch sensor design is a real single layer design, do not need to be used for sensor cross point isolation and sensor matrix line bridging the additional mask. Due to the elimination of the additional indium tin oxide (ITO) layer required by other multi touch technology, the new solution of IDT increased the transmittance and simplified the fabrication of the touch screen sensor, while reducing the total cost of the touch screen manufacturer. These advantages do not affect the performance or ability of detecting multi finger gestures.
IDT Technology Inc. (), a leading provider of analog and digital technology, provides the first Device Integrated (), the world's first touch screen technology, the world's first real single point touch screen with a 5 inch screen. The latest technology applied to PureTouch IDT series simplifies the fabrication of touch screen sensor, and eliminates the phenomenon of multi touch image of multi point touch in the multilayer solution.
Wong IDT, general manager of senior user interface division, Alvin, said: "the explosive growth of the touch interface in today's portable devices is driving the developer to provide innovative solutions. The new IDT touch screen technology allows manufacturers to do this. Standard capacitive touch screen sensor requires up to three conductive layers, but the proprietary IDT monolayer technique requires no additional ITO conductive layers, while maintaining a multi touch function. This is the first time in the industry, our technology not only improves the end user experience, but also helps designers and equipment manufacturers to reduce the overall cost."
The IDT proprietary single-layer mode, IDT puretouch the latest in a series of products with enhanced multi touch function, can identify two fingers to touch, and the self capacitance type multi-layer solution eliminates the "ghosting" effect. When more than one finger to touch the screen, the ghost effect may lead to finger position uncertainty. In addition, the IDT of the single layer mode on the X and Y axis of the same resolution, single, double touch applications can get a better user experience. By providing accurate multi touch coordinates and the same resolution capabilities, IDT's technology helps customers create customized gestures to make their final product and user interface unique.
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