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ITO process, touch control algorithm is still a big difficulty to hinder the size of the capacitive screen

Currently on the market mainstream capacitance touch control scheme including Synaptics, ATMEL, cypress, elan, is designed for small size. With the release of Windows 7, the major manufacturers have introduced a number of touch enabled Tablet PC, touch the market gradually to the size of the 7-10 inch size development.
Atmel introduced the maXTouch based technology and supports 10 inch or more touch control scheme, it has the characteristics of complete integration, unlimited touch, low power consumption, etc.. By Atmel's advanced maXTouch algorithm, you can read and use unlimited number of unique touch points. It also has advanced chip features, can be identified and reported to the user's gestures, such as zoom, rotate, dial control and click, while its chip shape recognition ability can also provide other more complex functions. Through the unique ear touch, the touch of the face, palm touch exclusion algorithm, more can detect and refused to touch.
Subsequently, Synaptics also for the tablet PC market has released its maximum size support to 10.1 inch multi touch screen ClearPad 7200 series. And support Windows7 and Android and other Linux based systems, for the upcoming tablet era of the era of a solid hardware foundation. According to Synaptics, ClearPad 7200 has the advantages of high sensitivity and low latency, supports 10 point touch and complex gesture recognition and other powerful features, USB and I2C two kinds of connection interface for each mobile digital devices and tablet PC manufacturers to provide more convenient development process.
However, the traditional projection technology, it is difficult to control the end of the ITO signal decay, so can promote the panel size is only 10 inches or so, for 10 inch or more large size applications, due process and algorithm reasons, most manufacturers are still in the exploration stage.
A domestic touch solutions provider in this area seems to have come in the forefront of the market, Suzhou Han Rui Microelectronics with unique name for tango touch mode, break through the barriers can be applied to the large size of the capacitive screen. The touch screen solution provided by this scheme solves the environmental problem of the most difficult to overcome the capacitive touch screen, which is the interference of humidity, electromagnetic wave, Tango has a very good shielding ability. For drawing, it also solves the problem that the general industry is faced with the problem of the diagonal line, Tango can provide the whole picture and any angle.
Capacitive touch screen industry is running in period is very long, from a program launched to mature at least half of the time to run. While the Han Rui entering the market earlier, for large size has a number of mature. Han Rui as early as the beginning of last year launched 7 inch and 8.9 inch capacitive touch screen, and in this year's CES have dozens of mature products on display, it is expected that these products will be listed in the second quarter of this year. In addition, the current and cooperative development of the 17 inch, 22 inch projection type capacitive screen will also be listed.
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