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Projected capacitive screen lights up the panel manufacturers enthusiasm

Industrial network this year, the projected capacitive touch panel growth rate of 8.6%~14.2%.
According to market analysis firm DisplaySearch report, in 2012 the global touch panel market size will reach $160, there are more than 200 suppliers to enter the market, which, projected capacitive screen suppliers from three years ago, the 27 surge to 102 this year.
DIGITIMES also pointed out in the report, this year Greater China (mainland and Taiwan region) manufacturers touch panel will account for 34.3% of the global share and 33.2%, the total global share of 67.5%, compared with 2011 to upgrade.
Projection type capacitor screen close to the big manufacturers, in the future projection of the screen in the market share of the market will be gradually higher.
On a:NanoTech Cima announced the establishment of joint ventures with Foxconn to produce large sized projected capacitive touch...
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