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  Shenzhen city deep Quetta Optical Technology Co. Ltd. is a company dedicated to the enterprises in the field of touch screen. The company to develop, produce and sell resistance, capacitive touch screen and infrared touch screen manufacturers. R & D team engaged in R & D, production by the touch screen has ten years of experience of the engineers created products featuring high reliability, high stability and long service life, high leading industry benchmark. We are committed to the development, production and sales of electrical resistance, capacitive and infrared touch screen touch module. Products are widely used in industrial equipment, medical equipment, office automation, query machine, POS machine, car navigation system, GPS, handheld lottery machine, electronic dictionary, PDA, communication equipment, a machine, a jukebox, automatic teller machine, queuing machine, notebook, MID tablet touch and touch public information terminal computer system. Company to introduce South Korea and Japan manufacturing process and management system, the use of world-class equipment and raw materials, to ensure that products meet the requirements of high quality, products are exported to the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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